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A good place, for decent people.

High Tide is a vibrant and captivating bar and music venue located along the shores of Little Tokyo and the Arts District, right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Step in, shove off your worries, and dive into High Tide’s whimsical urban oasis. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise where pink flamingos reign supreme, and the energetic atmosphere keeps the party going all day and night. 

What kind of party? From Hip-Hop to Disco and everything in-between, High Tide can whet many musical tastes – even playing tastemaker with their reputation for showcasing local talent. In short, High Tide puts the “vibe” in vibrant.

 That’s why High Tide is more than just a bar and music venue; it’s a one-of-a-kind experience where guests can sink into a world of blue dreams, pink flamingos, and the glow of unforgettable nights of entertainment. 

So come join the Flamboyance, and let the pink-hued waves of High Tide carry you toward fun and excitement.

Hight Tide Inside
Private Party

Holiday parties, birthday parties, large events, we have you covered.

Buyouts work as a minimum bar tab, not including tax & tip. In other words: open bar until your buyout price has been reached! Work with our Chef to create a customizable food menu.

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